Installation device for slopes “BöschungsFix”

SKU: 252925
  • Safe and secure installation on slopes
  • Straight and vertical positioning of traffic signs on uneven ground
  • Easy installation in a twinkling
  • Lightweight and manageable

    For safety reasons, traffic signs should not be installed to close to the roadside, at least 0.5 to 1.5 m afar from the roadside.
    But what to do if roadside and slope adjoin and thus complicate the installation of a traffic sign?
    In practice you frequently see aslant installed road signs which can hardly be seen by the motorists. Not least, many of the road
    signs installed non-professionally are predetermined to fall down on the motorways and thus endanger the traffic participants.
    With the new horizont klemmfix installation device for slopes “BöschungsFix” you will have the perfect solution at your hand: “BöschungsFix” can be set up within a few seconds and the automatic levelling allows an adoption to any angle up to 30 degrees. You can create your own customized solutions by weighting it with one or two bases and by this means guarantee a save and vertical positioning of traffic signs. With its handy measurements (approx. 80 x 63 x 17 cm folded, weight approx. 12 kg) the
    “BöschungsFix” can easily be stored and transported in any car and so you will have it hand at any time it is required.



Part no. 252925
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